Up&Run 99% Option

Thanks to Up&Run 99%, an extra available with all GCI Top service contracts, the system undergoes a wide range of monitoring and active prevention measures which are able to guarantee at least 99% uptime of the total coverage time under contract.
At the base of this global operations guarantee is the adoption of a multi-faceted approach to prevention. This comprises active distance monitoring of the system's operation, preventive maintenance methods, expanded checks when repairing faults, careful control of the environment where the system is located, and much more. All these measures allow the statistically proven reduction of the risk of system downtime to within the 1% guaranteed by the option.
The Up&Run 99% option has been transparently formulated for the client, who can request downtime statistics for the contract at any time, as they are systematically recorded by General Computer. Not only this, but if the downtime figure does exceed 1% the customer is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the Up&Run 99% option, as well as an indemnity paid by General Computer as compensation.
GCI Up&Run 99% is an important global guarantee of system operation, which becomes increasingly important the more critical the system is. Thanks also to the application of the Service Engineering operating philosophy - which globalizes the organizational approach to assistance, guaranteeing the optimization of internal resources - General Computer can offer this option, fully confident in the results while keeping costs down for the customer.
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