Our Philosophy

General Computer's operational philosophy, Service Engineering, is able to put the Customers at the center of a global platform of technical services and projects perfectly tailored to their needs.
Service Engineering's main characteristics and benefits for the Customer are:
Extensive range of solutions, covering any need
A wide range of services and projects solutions, designed for the overall needs of the corporate IT system and for each of its technological components (computers, storage, networks etc.).
The rich offer of General Computer includes a broad range of maintenance contracts, integration of additional hardware, updating of systems, rental, data-center relocation, ICT infrastructure project solutions, Green Data Center, ICT Outsourcing, remote data storage, software development and so on.
Incorporated flexibility
Flexible management, helpful and motivated team: this is what is needed to give the highest priority and a full response to Customer needs. General Computer - an adaptive medium-sized operation - has worked with great success over the last years to achieve these qualifications.
Clearness and transparency
Service Engineering puts the Customer at the center of a partnership based on mutual trust. This is why General Computer protects the Customers' rights, making them fully aware of exactly what they have been offered in terms of timeframe, methods and economic conditions. In addition, General Computer has clearly laid out its ethical code, illustrating the fairness and commitment to transparency in the different types of supply.
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